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     Sometimes the combination of a good movie with a good song yields a cinematic moment that eclipses either work individually.  Of course there are fantastic examples of this. (Layla by Eric Clapton and Derek and The Dominos in the corpse piling scenes of Goodfellas comes to mind, as does The Doors' This is The End  in the dark heart of Apocalypse Now.)  But, both of these are examples of GREAT films, with GREAT songs. 

    No, I am talking about when a pretty good movie matches with a pretty good song (either which is forgettable in 15 years time), but which collectively is more impactful.  In my mind, a great example of this came in the 1999 film Bulworth , which had Warren Beatty furtively darting around in street fashion to the nasally, psychedelic whine so famously pitched by Cypress Hill in Insane in the Brain.  Nahhhhhh......I recant......perhaps this combination elevated the former more than the later.  (I guess when it comes down to it I would rather listen to Cypress Hill, than watch Bulworth again.)  Nonetheless, I have always been a fan of the two together. 

     Its true we like to obsess about that big organ which has not only differentiated us from the other primates, but also enslaved us to at least twenty-five years of parental responsibility while it finishes "growing".  (I am sure some parents would argue that it is still not really done at 25.)  Past the obvious glut of brain idioms in modern language, lies an ever growing social anxiety about "brains", and weather or not we have enough of them (or at least more than of them than the next person.)  It should come as no surprise that our most recent wave of pop-culture monsters/heroes hail from the land of the undead, at precisely the same time we are fretting about the latest installment in the standards-based, educational reform movement.  Lord, whatever you do, do NOT let a Zombie eat my kid's brains.  He/she needs them to pass The Common Core!

     But using our brains to connect with other human beings is a joie de vivre.  A wonderful local organization known as The Rochester Brainery brings together people with disparate interests to create a wonderful "soup" of learning.  Is it not cool that in one place you can learn how to: decorate Ukrainian Easter eggs, belly dance, speak Spanish, learn the basics of Web development, create a silent film, or how to book the band you are in?

    2/8/14-ALERT-Due to illness, I will NOT be attending the Brainery Bazaar on the 8th.  Please however, go and visit the other wonderful vendors who show there.  I will be back and running for future shows.  Thank you.

     The Rochester Brainery also hosts a craft/art bazaar every second  Saturday of the month.  This Saturday, February 8th, Dio Designs will be at the Brainery Bazaar.  It is located in the first floor of the Village Gate Plaza.  We will be there from 10am-6pm.  Please drop by and see some of my recently inspired Brain cane pieces (pictured above.) 


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