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      I have had a number of men approach my booth at shows complaining that there just is not any jewelry being made for men.  Now, many of these guys I think have found a nice "out" of the purchase.  (Its easy to pass on something if it appears to have not been meant for you.)  However, I believe there are those men who are honestly "miffed" that they have been left out of the current craft-show jewelry inundation.

     Just as boldly mixed prints have landed on the runways for women's fashion, a quieter but nonetheless substantial movement has been underway in men's fashion.  Even in traditional attire, men are being so bold as to mix plaids with prints...(oh my)...and don pinks and purples without even flinching.  It is not uncommon to see a national news anchor in a brightly colored polka dot tie coupled with a quieter plaid shirt and have it all work.  

       It should come as no surprise then that the guys are squawking about being left out of the minds of craft fair denizens...The times are a changing. I have decided to begin to offer a line of men's cufflinks in an array of patterns.  They will be available at my current shows this upcoming fall, and will be available for purchase online before the holiday season.    


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