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     I once spent an entire winter making paint chips to match the colors of the snow.  I had hundreds, if not thousands of these little chips in nearly every color imaginable, but the colors that were most exquisite were the subtle blues, grays and "wheat-y" yellows.

     Winter is truly resplendent, but it gets such a bad wrap.   Everyone seems enamored with the New England fall colors, or the almost macho chroma of the equatorial regions which invariably dwarfs anything donning a petal or leaf north of the Tropic of Cancer.   Even when the color of the snow is acknowledged as a thing of beauty, it seems to require forking over 20 grand in order to sneak a peek at a glacial form that is at least 10,000 years our senior. 

     Really?  I am convinced this quest for color we have has become a distraction.  Just look down and around where you are right now, and (if you are blessed with eyesight) you will be amazed by how much color can be found.  Even in the winters of Upstate New York.  Even in the snow. 

    I have created some designs here using some of the colors I can see right from my window..(an inexpensive venture and one where I didn't even have to leave my chair).


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These rings are so pretty and

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Wow, this is fantastic. This

Wow, this is fantastic. This is, in my opinion, one of the best blog articles ever published. Your work has a great level of excellence. It's greatly valued


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très belles couleurs

très belles couleurs hivernales. Elles me rappellent le pantone de couleur d'un site que j'ai trouvé lorsque je recherchais sur quelle crypto investir, des couleurs très douces mais vraiment dans l'ère du temps.

Amazing !

Hi really like this design, it is indeed chic but relaxed at the same time, great job !


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